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Change of plans!

I am SO excited!  My surgery has been moved up two weeks!  I'll be having my laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery on Tuesday, December 29th at 10:30am! 

I've decided that we're going to spend an hour (hopefully not much more) with the family on Christmas.  I've already called my mom and told her that I will most likely be cranky on Christmas, so it'll be a very short visit.  Besides, um, I won't be able to eat - I'll be on a liquid only diet!!!!!! 

Have I mentioned how EXCITED I am?  Woo hooooooooooo!!

Love & blessings to all of you!!!!


Today is Thanksgiving.  Actually, I just looked at the clock and it seems Thanksgiving was YESTERDAY (oopsy, it's getting late!)

We were originally going to go to Chicago to watch the parade, but the weather was miserable.  So, we went to a local restaurant and had our Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of strangers ;o)  It was nice.  Until I bit my tongue!  Now, I don't just bit my tongue, I BITE my tongue.  And I had already bitten my tongue Friday night, so when i bit my tongue today - it took nearly 90 MINUTES for the bleeding to stop!  I'm telling you, we don't do things half way in our family! LOL!  I think it's fair to say that I really didn't enjoy my meal today.  I think I almost finished a big cup of ice (hoping that would stop the GUSHING BLOOD) and it didn't.  Dag nabbit! I think that I may now know what it feels like when you have your tongue pierced.  EW!  I'm just hoping I don't bite it again... boy oh boy!

Okay, on to the important stuff…

January 12, 2010

I got a surgery date!  January 12, 2010 at 11:30am!
Wooo hooooooooo!!!
The beginning of a new life for me!
7 weeks and counting!!!
Now must get all my ducks in a row!

Love & blessings to you all!

Woo hoooooooo!

Well, the surgeon's office called me on Friday but I missed the call!  UGH!  I'm going to call them first thing tomorrow (Monday) and hopefully they will set up my pre-op and surgery dates.  Then, I'll have to figure out all the other stuff!  I'm getting pretty excited though!

Karen & I went to the Kenosha Outlet Mall Friday.  I bought a whole bunch of goodies for Shelby.  Then Karen mentioned something about Shelby having way too many clothes... Yes, but a lot of them don't fit!  I try and try, but that kid won't let anything go!  So, Karen offered to go through Shelby's dressers with her!  woo hoooo again!

Saturday night, Karen and I went to Chicago.  Had a wonderfully yummy meal at Ruth's Chris and then we went on to Davenport's Piano Bar.  A friend, Dan, who I hadn't seen since high school in MN works there as a bartender part time.  They had a nice show.  Very interactive and funny!  Dan sang AND played the violin while we were there - ve…

One step closer! It's really happening!!!!

Hi Everyone!

How are you?  I hope everyone is doing well!

I woke up today with a migraine.  I think it was a combination of stress, stress, and stress!  I have had SO much on my mind lately oh and I've been dealing with some childish stuff at work.  No, I'm not being childish (I've matured people!) but there are others who do not care for me, and really have no desire to work with me.  But, my position is requiring them to listen.  I told you it was childish.  Just trying to do my job, man!

So, I decided to stay home and try to rid my head of the migraine and also try to get some work done.  I actually did get quite a bit of work done, but later in the day. Yay!

But, the best thing is...

My health insurance has provided verbal approval for my laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery!  I have spent about 9 months jumping through hoops, and I was getting pretty darned frustrated that the insurance was taking so long.  I couldn't get excited.  I just felt frustrated and ready for t…

I've got to get some rest!

I am worn out!  Lots of things going on. 

I'm pretty much constantly thinking about surgery (is the insurance going to approve it?  when are they going to approve it?  when will my surgery finally happen?  why is it taking so frickin long????)  That has definitely taken it's toll! 

Today I spoke with Rose, the coordinator at the bariatric center.  She said still no news.  She assured me that things are definitely on the right track, but it's going to take more time.  That means:
no surgery in the month of November :( Karen will be back in Switzerland before my surgery :( I was really hoping she'd be here because, well, she's Karen!  She's an absolutely wonderful friend.  She can put up with cranky MB and sassy Shelby, and she loves Wilbur (but who doesn't?)  Now I'm sad.  I'm sad because while I am sure things will work out, I have absolutely no idea how they will work out.  And, I'm tired.  Tired of waiting. This started eight months ago.  I hav…

Oh my aching back and surgery update.

Today I was reminded how much easier it would be (theoretically) to keep things tidy than to do a deep clean without having a sore, aching body! 

Karen is arriving tomorrow afternoon and I had to make room in my room for Shelby's trundle AND make sure there is room for Karen's luggage and Karen in Shelby's room!  Shelby is sleeping in her bed toinght and tomorrow morning, she must find a place for all the dolls & stuffed animals that are taking up the end of her bed.  I'm sure Karen likes to cuddle, but not with Shelby's dolls & stuffed animals! 

I also spent 3 1/2 hours today shampooing the carpets.  The sad thing is, only about 1/2 of the house (approx. 423 sq. ft.) is carpeted!  Every time I emptied the catch basin part of the Rug Doctor - out came nasty brown water!  Ewwwwww!  I suppose that's what happens when you have (had) two dogs and an active kid (and all her friends).  Needless to say, I went over it a few times.

Now, I'm finishing up what …

Still Waiting and Prayer Request

Is it Friday yet?!?!?!

I have a special request for all of you.  There is a little girl, named Desire who is in the PICU right now after a dresser and TV fell onto her and caused head injuries.  The accident happened on Monday afternoon.  She is just three years old.  Please pray for Desire and all the people who love her.  Pray for her recovery as well as peace for her mom, twin sister and extended family.  It is hard for me to even think of this as it breaks my heart!  I'm asking you, my prayer warriors, to wrap your arms around Desire and her family!

On a "lighter" note.  Get it?  Lighter?  Bariatric surgery.  Weight loss... Yeah, I know - I'm a dork!  So, anyway...  I spoke with the coordinator at the bariatric center and apparently my insurance company has dropped the ball.  I don't really understand exactly what happened but she mentioned something about the insurance company contacting a Jennifer requesting my information.  Unfortunately, there isn't a J…


Hi Everyone!

Today was a long day!

First, Nicki came over and colored Shelby's hair.  I think there are 4 colors, but I'm not sure.  Is that bad? :o)

Next, we drove to Crystal Lake and had lunch with my mom.  Then, we went to her house and Shelby got changed into her costume.  Unfortunately it was quite chilly and she had to cover it up with a sweatshirt, but her hair got enough attention!  Great-grandpa and Sweetie the dog went trick or treating with us for a while too.  It was nice.  But after about 45 minutes, we had had enough.

Then, I decided to drive down the road & drop in on a friend who we haven't seen in quite some time.  I drove up, and there was an adorable dog looking out the front door.  I said to Shelby "Is this their house?  They don't have a dog!"  But it had to be their house... I mean, I didn't get anything that said they moved.  So we went up to the door and knocked and - we were in the right place!!!  Shelby was so patient (and had f…