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I never thought I'd find a kindred spirit in Tatum O'Neal... but I do!

I'm home alone, doing laundry & looked On-Demand for top picks and Ryan & Tatum O'Neal popped up.  So I clicked on it and started watching.

She was on the phone with her brother Griffin & he said "Ryan O'Neal, the man with no remorse" and I wanted to cry!  Because my dad is SO like that.  He has done so many horrible things but has never owned his actions and the consequences to his actions.  He even had his wife (just 8  years older than me) blaming me for his sexual inappropriateness.  Yes, at 15-16 years old I "asked" for the gross attention I got from my father.  Oh and the hitting, I totally deserved that!  Uh huh...

So, here I am watching Ryan O'Neal talk about how his daughter abandoned him... I'm watching Tatum fall apart in therapy.  Ryan is so delusional that he thinks SHE (the child) hurt him... She feels so guilty addressing the past that she's got to walk away from therapy.  He sits there and feels completely sorry fo…