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Letting go...

Letting go is hard.  Yeah, stating the obvious aren't I?  Well, it is hard dammit!!
I am trying to let go.  I need to let go.  In order to move on (do I want to move on?) I must let go. 
I think I'm scared of allowing myself to be vulnerable again.
I suppose I should work on that.
Today, I am grateful for: Shelby My awesome friends Having a job I love Indoor plumbing School starts next week! Sunshine I walked over 6 miles this week! Woo hooo!
Coco has a minor tear in her ACL :( We're trying medicine first and hoping that she doesn't need surgery!!
Shelby & Me today (man I need color LOL!)
Love & blessings my friends!!

Trying to get out of this rut...

I’ve been speechless… No really.
There has been so much going on, that I can barely think. Court with sd (for those not in the know that stands for sperm donor) is almost unbearable. I got a bill from my attorney that almost caused me to have a stroke. I promised Shelby I would follow through so I am. This is about her, not me. That’s all I’m going to say about that for now.
Work is busy. I am grateful for my job and the fact that I’ve got more than enough work to do, so I am working overtime. Another reason that I can barely think, I’m working a lot.
Dating. Hah! With all the shit going on in my life, what man would want to deal with me? I didn’t date for years because I was so afraid of sd, and now I’m feeling more empowered and he’s still making my life miserable because he’s trying to drain me emotionally, financially, mentally, in any way possible. He is not thinking about Shelby, but “beating” me. Of course, he’s not paying for the attorney, his mother is. Wait, I said I wasn’t go…