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UGH! Asthma sucks and some gratitude too!

Sooooo, yeah, it’s been 3 months. Uh huh… No excuses. I mean, not even “I’m having a great time” excuses! Grrrrrr!  I am probably going to post a couple of times this week. Or at least I’m planning on it. So prepare yourselves (if there is more than one person reading this blog, that is!)  I’m down 81 pounds – WOOT WOOT!!!! I feel great! No sluggishness, I’m in a size 6-8 pants/skirts and a 12-ish on top (I’m down to a 36DD – it’s a feat if you knew me before!) I think I have a shopping problem… But then again, I need to buy new clothes; the size 20 pants & 2X-3X shirts won’t fit no matter how much cinching is going on!! LOL :) I am NOT complaining! I am enjoying looking good.
So yeah, the puppy is still here. The big dog, still here. The kid, still here. Me, still here. Besides that, not much else… Oh except for the whole kid in hospital part…
So, my lovely, wonderful, tween. I adore her! I can’t imagine life without her. Sometimes, I do ponder strangling her! She’s had asthma sinc…