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Obsessive thinking on May 31st...

Disclaimer: This post is not directed toward a specific person or persons. This is just shit that plays in my obsessive thinking pea brain and I’m hoping writing it down will alleviate some of the pressure and make room for more rainbows & unicorns!
Random thoughts that have been running through my mind lately:
When someone says “What a fucking shit day” – it isn’t always a cry for help or counseling or pity. Sometimes it’s just because it’s been a fucking shit day!
Never assume that everyone grew up in the same loving or unloving, healthy or unhealthy, supportive or unsupportive environment as you.  I know this may sound silly. Okay, it probably does!  Some days I want to punch people in the face (not really, but I do get frustrated) when they pull the “your child will appreciate you when she is older, like you do your parents” advice.  Really? This is going to sound really crass, but I’m going to say it.  I was told repeatedly for as long as I can remember that I ruined my parents …