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A quick note of gratitude on Thursday

Today, I am grateful for...

Shelby GraceMy FANTASTIC friends!My jobHearing that something I said made a difference in another person's day :)Shelby enjoyed her first day of middle school and loved cross country practice, even though it was in the rain!LaughterMy new cube at work - it's finally coming together and looking like "home" :)Payday is Monday!Shelby's pink hair!It's been another couple of challenging weeks. Same old stuff, nothing new. Or if there was something new, it ran together with everything else, just like the days do now!

:) mb xoxo

Final Notice Prior to Disconnection...

I've had enough!

I got paid today, but the money is all gone. I had to pay the sitter yesterday ($120) and the mortgage and then gave $211.27 to ComEd to avoid disconnection on Monday.
Tomorrow we go to the dentist. Thank goodness I have a debit card for my flexible spending! The dentist is at least an hour away, so we have plans to go to Red Robin and meet Kim, Joe & Sean there. I have money to buy us lunch, but that's it! Then, there's the shoes I have to buy Shelby because she joined Cross Country & it starts on the 24th! My next paycheck is at the end of the month and by then the car payment will be a month behind as well!

I don't like saying this, but WHY ME??????? Why is it that the sperm donor can get away with living with his mother at 40, falling behind over $6,000 in support and still have money to freaking drink & smoke his life away? I'm tired of the bad stuff happening. I'm TIRED of people around me, who treat me and my child like shit, wh…

Thoughts for the week and more gratitude!

So, this week was pretty blah. I had a sore throat and ended up going home early on Wednesday and stayed home on Thursday. Then, my network connection to work and then my internet connection went down for hours on Friday! Grrrrrr! I think "blah" is a pretty good way to describe the week.

I got an invitation to a first birthday party for a relative. I thought, sure, we'll go. Then I see BYOB written on there. I wanted to think it was Bring Your Own Beverage, but I felt compelled to ask. The response I got was "Bring Your Own Booze". I really have an issue about people who feel the need to bring ALCOHOL to a birthday party for a toddler. On top of that, one of the parents isn't even of legal drinking age AND both parents are in recovery (12-step, AA stuff). I just don't get it! I mean, talk about slippery slopes! I made a choice years ago not to drink. I based that decision on my belief that addiction is a hereditary trait and since about 95% of my family …

Another bit of gratitude

Ahhhhh, I really feel like I never get time to just decompress. There's always something going on!

Before I go to bed, I want to point out some of the good stuff from this week.
ShelbyMy freaking AWESOME friends!My jobFinally going to church and enjoying myself!Having a really nice meal with friends who I haven't spent time with in a long time.Shelby saying "okay" several times when, in the past, she would not have been so "go with the flow". My baby is growing up!Going to Sam's Club to stock up on the important stuff. I have no money now, but won't need to worry about restocking for many months now!Being able to take Shelby to Target and use a gift card to make a big dent in buying new school clothes for Shelby (think pink, green & plaid!) Thank you Mr. King! LaughterHugs & kisses from my sweet ShelbyMaking up my "list of work to do on the house" - and some of it just might get done!Being alive!Love & sweet dreams.xo mb :)