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What a change a couple of months can bring!!

Hi :)
How are you?
I'm doing better than I could've ever imagined!  So good, it's kind of scary, but I'm walking through my fear!!
I've met someone special.  I mean VERY special!  His name is Bill.  I'd post a picture of us, but I'll ask his permission first.  Not that I think he'd mind.  He is AMAZING!  Yeah, I know I sound like a school girl.  Too bad.  Deal with it people!  I've always heard people say "you know when you know".  Well, I know!  I know that some of my friends are concerned, because they  love me.  Only time will show them what I already know.  I'm near tears just writing this.  He makes me so happy!  When he's not here, I miss him.  Not a "oh my God, I wonder where he is or what he's doing" miss him, silly people.  A something is missing miss him, as in life is just that much better when he is around miss him. 
Shelby & I spent Christmas with his family & it was more fun that I would've ever…