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Weight Loss Update, Dating Trials and Tribulations & Gratitude!!

Hi Everyone! So, it’s been a while since I posted. How have you been?

First, here are the links to my latest vlog posts: Part 1 & Part 2

Something very “exciting” just happened in my kitchen. Shelby announced that she was going to make herself some eggs for dinner. The rule is she can’t use the stove or oven when I’m not home. I’m home. Everything is cool. Not so much! I hear this loud WHOOSH and turn around in time to see flames shooting out from under the pan. How did that happen? Well, Shelby thinks it’s perfectly okay to spray the non-stick spray WITH THE FRICKING BURNER ON! Yes, I freaked out! I can’t believe she did that! I mean, holy cow! Needless to say, I yelled and told her how dangerous what she did was and told her how she could’ve really gotten severely hurt. Of course, her reaction was “I’m never speaking to you again!” Yep, I’ve got a pre-teen! Lovely, huh?

Let’s see, on the weight loss front – I am 16 ½ weeks post-op and am down 66.6 pounds! Pretty darned cool, huh? …

Chicago, NED and Gratitude!

This past Saturday, I had to travel to Northwestern Memorial (in Chicago) for my 6-month MRI & chest-x-ray. I brought three cheerleaders with me, Shelby, SA and Emma! Of course, they had to wait in the waiting room for over an hour while I had my tests, but when I got back in the waiting room, they had blankets and were lying on the floor watching TV. Not bad girls! ;o)
We had lunch at Friday's, which is conveniently located across the street from the hospital.

Me & the girls: Emma, Shelby & SA
Aren't they so cute? :)
While we were eating lunch, I realized that the sun was coming out (it had been raining since Friday).  So we decided to take a walk to Millenium Park!

As we approached the park, I saw this:
Do you see the yellow "guy" in the middle of the road?  I wonder, did it just happen or did someone spend time to form a little person at the busy intersection...
Then we approached the infamous "Bean"!!!

SA, Emma & Shelbs holding up the Bean
Let us …