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Gratitude - take two!

This afternoon I got a hysterical call from Shelby.  She was in my mom's car & they were in an accident!  Supermom MB kicked into gear and got there as fast as I could.  Everyone is fine, the car, not so much!

A friend on Facebook posted a "Glad List" on her page today.  It reminded me that I have so much to be grateful for, including:
Shelby Grace - I love her so much!Shelby & my mom were uninjuredMy most excellent friends (Traci is super-cool) ;o)My awesome jobKindnessI'm down 58.8 pounds (as of 10:44 tonight!)Things really are looking up!Taking a fun hike yesterday with Shelby & WilburTrying new thingsThe swamp is coming to life - the frogs are singing their songs!Indoor plumbingLaughterSmilesI'm going to close with a few of the pictures I took on our hike yesterday.

Love and blessings to you all!!

What do you want, and a sprinkle of gratitude.

So, yeah, I've been single for a LONG time.  Not intentionally.  There were extenuating circumstances (I was scared of Shelby's father) that prevented me from even trying really. 
Things have changed.  No he hasn't changed.  I have. I am now ready to test the waters.  I know that I am worthy of being loved.  For some that's a "given", for me, eh not really.  Yeah, we all have issues/baggage.  Mine was pretty heavy for a long time.  Now that I've lost FIFTY POUNDS (woo hoo!) I'm starting to feel better about my appearance (I didn't say my issues were all gone - LOL).
I've been thinking about what kind of man I think I would like to spend time with.  Tell me if I'm expecting too much:

Believes in a higher power
FUNNY (I can't believe I forgot to include this originally!)
Taller than me (I'm 5'2")
Under 50, unless he's super hot, then maybe I could be convinced ;o)
Hard working
Great smi…


Today, I am grateful for:Shelby My absolutely awesome friends! Wilbur the Wonder Dog Being able to stand up for myself and what I feel is right Being able to walk away when I've had enough The desire to surround myself with kind, loving, compassionate, positive people I have lost 48 pounds (as of 10:30 tonight)!!!!!! Having a conversation with the sperm donor without screaming or yelling. Meeting with my new therapist tomorrow. Waking up without a migraine! Have I mentioned my fantabulous friends???? ;o) Free will Kind people Our home Filling up the (rodent proof) dog food container without spilling half the 40 pound bag of small bites dog food! Being alive! Today Tomorrow
Love and blessings to you all!!!!

I'm a liar...

Okay, I’ve been in denial lately…
I’ve lost 47 pounds since my surgery on 12/29/09 – Yay! I should be super happy, thrilled with the amazing progress I’ve made, right? Yeah, I’m not.  Not that I’m not happy or thrilled about losing close to 50 pounds in 9 weeks. It’s that I’m just not happy.
It’s been 11 months since I officially started my WLS (weight loss surgery) journey. Very soon after I started my “medically managed weight loss program” required by my insurance, a friend started telling me about his experience. Pretty much right away he started talking about the shortcuts or workarounds of eating. I started wondering how healthy he really was. Then, his posts on my blog were very strange. Like, I didn’t understand a few of them. Then, he would tell me the same story over and over. I realized he was drinking heavily. So, despite losing 200 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery, this guy was drinking to excess. FYI – drinking alcohol is the number one thing to avoid aft…