Weight Loss Update, Dating Trials and Tribulations & Gratitude!!

Hi Everyone! So, it’s been a while since I posted. How have you been?

First, here are the links to my latest vlog posts: Part 1 & Part 2

Something very “exciting” just happened in my kitchen. Shelby announced that she was going to make herself some eggs for dinner. The rule is she can’t use the stove or oven when I’m not home. I’m home. Everything is cool. Not so much! I hear this loud WHOOSH and turn around in time to see flames shooting out from under the pan. How did that happen? Well, Shelby thinks it’s perfectly okay to spray the non-stick spray WITH THE FRICKING BURNER ON! Yes, I freaked out! I can’t believe she did that! I mean, holy cow! Needless to say, I yelled and told her how dangerous what she did was and told her how she could’ve really gotten severely hurt. Of course, her reaction was “I’m never speaking to you again!” Yep, I’ve got a pre-teen! Lovely, huh?

Let’s see, on the weight loss front – I am 16 ½ weeks post-op and am down 66.6 pounds! Pretty darned cool, huh? I’m right in between size 10 & 12, depending on the day. I have 3 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts, one blouse & two pairs of slacks that fit. That’s all. I need to buy a winning lotto ticket so I can stock up on new clothes. I have treated myself to new underwear – cute boy short type ;o) My old undies, well, they were old and HUGE!
I’ve been walking 2 – 2.5 miles Monday-Thursday at lunchtime. I’ve only been able to go to the gym once a week (at the most), and my free membership runs out on 5/17. I think I’ll be buying a big exercise ball and various dumbbells for toning. Right now, that’ll be my best bet. Plus, I plan to work on the Wii Fit Yoga stuff soon.

A couple of months ago, I got this Free eHarmony membership, for just a weekend. I signed up, went through all their questions and then was contacted by a bunch of weirdoes. Apparently eHarmony isn’t much different than any other dating site, except they cost a LOT more! So, when the free part was done, I deleted my membership.
Then, I re-activated my account on plentyoffish.com (pof.com) which is a free online dating site. I haven’t used it since 2007, but I thought what the heck and posted some new picture and updated my profile and sat back to see what the site would provide. I received a lot of emails. Not all of the guys were my type. Some were really over the top, almost caricature-like and really in love with themselves. Others were really nice. Others, well – um, have I mentioned missing teeth is a deal breaker for me? Also, not wanting children is another deal breaker. I exchanged emails (on pof.com) with a bunch of guys. There was one local guy who seemed really nice. He worked in road construction. I’ll call him “D”. So he and I exchanged a bunch of emails and then phone numbers. We spoke once, and then nothing. He had asked me to friend him on Facebook, so I did. There was another guy “R” who I found out worked for the same corporation as me, just a different division. We emailed back and forth for a while. Then “R” sent me an email that he had met someone and after a few dates was “clicking” with her and wanted to see how things would go. Yay for “R”. Then there was “M” who doesn’t want children, can’t spell really at all, but I can figure out what he’s trying to say and his emails are nice. So I tell him he’s not my type, but we can email back & forth.
Then there is “B”. He’s divorced, a father of a tween girl and in the trades. He lives about an hour away but we really clicked right away on email, then texting and phone calls. He said several times “it’s like we’ve known each other for years!” and it really did. It was pretty darned cool. He happened to be a plumber so I joked that I had lots of work for him to do! He asked what I needed and I responded I was joking. But, my crawl space has been flooding for years, so I did mention that. Next thing I know he’s going to find time to come down and look at my “crock” – which I now know is the big plastic “bucket” that is positioned in the sump pit, that the sump pump goes in. So the big joke was “you just want me for my crock!” Which just cracked me up! So last Saturday “B” and his daughter came down to see me & Shelby. He brought roses for me and a gift card for Shelby’s birthday (smooth!!) I got a wonderful BIG hug from “B” and then he went down into my crawlspace to check out my crock (heheheh!) The girls took Wilbur for a walk while I watched “B” in the crawl space. He’s pretty cute, in a rugged way. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like “pretty boys” or metro sexual types (ew!!) Every time I walked past me, he brushed against me, or hug me and then one time he came up to get a tool (uh huh) he kissed me! WOW!
We needed to go to Home Depot to get some supplies. Chili’s is right next to Home Depot, so we stopped there. The girls were being sassy and conspiring against us, it was pretty cute. Then we went to Home Depot and the girls ran around while we spent our time diligently looking for the supplies needed to get my crock in order ;o) Then, we decided to drive to the Volo Auto Museum. When we got there, we found out it would close in a half hour, so we decided to take the girls for Culvers. While they were eating their concretes (and we were drooling) Shelby said “they should go to church with us!” I told “B” they didn’t have to go, but that the girls would have a blast and we could be the “lovey dovey” couple that I always end up sitting behind – they’re so distracting, holding hands and looking all mushy! He said he was game for anything! WOW! Then, Shelby said “you’re like the dad I never had”. Almost broke my heart in two. It was SO sweet and sad at the same time. Thankfully I was able to keep it together & not cry.
We had an hour to kill before church, so I suggested we go to the Volo Bog. We drove there, and just as the truck locks clicked “B” realized his keys were still in the truck! Uh oh! We called the police they said unless a child or animal was locked in the vehicle, they wouldn’t help. I made a few calls and found a locksmith who would get the truck unlocked for $50. I won’t go into the stupid conversation I had with the guy who answered the phone, only because it was his brother who drove up 20 minutes later and apologized for his brother’s ignorance!
After the lock incident, we decided we’d talk a walk through the bog with the girls. Can you believe I forgot my camera? Yep, me, the camera freak forgot my camera! The girls were crazy, making the floating platforms wiggle and shake – stinkers! We didn’t go to church. We went back to the house, the girls were hungry again and I started making them mac-n-cheese. “B” realized we had left a 2x4 at Home Depot. Perhaps we were a little distracted… I fed the girls, locked them in the house & we drove to pick up the “abandoned” 2 x4. Of course, we pulled over and had a fun make out session. Then Shelby called and asked if we had run away to Wisconsin. We couldn’t have been gone more than ½ hour – it was hilarious!
We went back to my place, “B” finished up the work on my sump & crock and then I helped him pack up all his tools and they left around 11. I’d have to say it was my best day in MANY years! I even posted that on my Facebook page. Remember “D” the local guy? I hadn’t heard from him in a week or two, not a call, email or text – he emailed me on FB and told me what a waste of time I was. Nice huh? Yeah, I thought so!
“B” called when they got home Saturday night and we talked/texted every day (multiple times a day) after that. We had discussed getting together again this weekend, as he had his daughter, but he had to check his work schedule, which I completely understand. During the week, I accidentally dialed a wrong number (added and extra number to his number) and I think I got his ex-girlfriend on the phone! I thought it was his daughter and said “Hi, is your dad home?” and she sounded pissed and I realized it was not his daughter. I told him about it the next time we spoke. He didn’t say anything, just laughed. I figured everything was fine, but I wanted to tell him I dialed the wrong number – just in case it was her.
Thursday night, he called and I suggested that he come over that night, because we both had had stressful days and wouldn’t it be nice to just hang out & cuddle. He had to run an errand and then a little bit later, he called and said he was on his way to see me! I was thrilled! He arrived after 9 and I noticed a different look on his face. Regret? I know I didn’t look as made-up as I had for our date, I’d worked all day. Disappointment? I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something. We talked for a bit, and then Shelby came out to check on us (always the chaperone) and then went to bed. We had another fun make out session but we were both really tired. We’d already had the discussion about SEX and he knew that I would not be having sex with anyone until I knew that my head and my heart were aligned with the other person’s. I’ve gone without it (sex) for over three years people! I know that if I have sex with a man, I’ve given him much more than that. Of course, we fooled around a little more, but Wilbur was with us (yes, on the bed) the whole time and sleep was calling us both. Shelby came in when she got up (I’m sure to see if “B” was still there – because there are never men sleeping over!) “B” is a slow wake-upper (yes, new word) so he finally left around 8:30 (an hour later than planned).
I haven’t heard his voice since.
I texted him a couple of times on Friday and left a message (or two) but by the evening had realized that he wasn’t going to call me back. This is frustrating! Why? Because, in my experience, men have a tendency to go full steam ahead with someone they like and then when there is the potential for a relationship, all of a sudden they put the brakes on. I suppose it was silly of me to think that men in their 40s would be more mature than men in their 20s (the last time I really dated anyone seriously) WRONG!!!
Saturday, “B”s daughter & Shelby were texting each other. Funny. I still hadn’t heard from him. I finally texted him while I was waiting in the church lobby (I’m sure it’s called something else, but you know what I mean). I just said “Is everything okay?” He responded and said yes, but he’s having a hard time and needs time. My oh my! I knew it! I saw the change in the way he looked at me on Thursday night and ignored it. I’m disappointed that I didn’t just ask him what was wrong then. I ignored it.
I had actually told the other men that I was corresponding with that I had met someone and wanted to see how it would go. “B” had told someone that he thought he had caught his fish! So cute, huh? I had talked to his friends on the phone. They would ask when I was coming up to meet them. I suppose that fed the fire to make me think things were better than they really were/are. I don’t know!
Today, I got a Facebook friend request from (drum roll please) his ex-girlfriend! No, I am NOT kidding! Seriously, what the heck? Why would some chick in her mid-40s try to be my FB friend because I am dating her ex? I graduated from highschool 24 years ago. It was painful enough back then. Grow up! That’s just YUCK!

So, I have no idea what is going on with “B”. I hope he just doesn’t drop off the face of the earth, because I think we both deserve to be able to discuss whatever the issue is. Even if the issue isn’t mine. There was a connection there. I’m disappointed. :o(

Time for gratitude!!!!!!
• Shelby (fire hazards and all)
• My new crock & sump setup!
• Having the best day in years with “B”, his daughter & Shelby!
• My awesome friends (you know who you are)
• Going through my closet & drawers again!
• Scrubbing the tub
• 66.6 pounds gone forever baby!
• Knowing that I will get through whatever is thrown my way
• Staying calm despite some major challenges (stuff with my Mom)
• Payday is Friday!
• Wilbur
• Indoor plumbing
• My job :o)
• YOU!!
Love and blessings to you all!!!!



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