Chicago, NED and Gratitude!

This past Saturday, I had to travel to Northwestern Memorial (in Chicago) for my 6-month MRI & chest-x-ray. I brought three cheerleaders with me, Shelby, SA and Emma! Of course, they had to wait in the waiting room for over an hour while I had my tests, but when I got back in the waiting room, they had blankets and were lying on the floor watching TV. Not bad girls! ;o)

We had lunch at Friday's, which is conveniently located across the street from the hospital.

Me & the girls:
Emma, Shelby & SA

Aren't they so cute? :)

While we were eating lunch, I realized that the sun was coming out (it had been raining since Friday).  So we decided to take a walk to Millenium Park!

As we approached the park, I saw this:

Do you see the yellow "guy" in the middle of the road?  I wonder, did it just happen or did someone spend time to form a little person at the busy intersection...

Then we approached the infamous "Bean"!!!

SA, Emma & Shelbs holding up the Bean

Let us reflect on our day so far.... ;o)

E, SA & S (of course mine is talking!)

This was taken by Shelby with my new Blacberry Tour - I was worried that my head might explode with three tweens, but it was a great day!

Our last stop was the Sears Tower! 

We went all the way up to the Skydeck (103rd floor) and it was WAY COOL!!!

Then, there was the line to the elevator.  The girls got a little silly!

I took 367 pictures Saturday.  I really thought I took more.  But only 367 and a handful of pics with the Blackberry.  Yes, I am disappointed.  Have no idea why, but I am! 

I am not going to go into the altercation we had with 3-5 punks (depending on the moment) while we were in line to take the elevator up.  The end result was I'm getting a refund on the tickets to the Skydeck and the punks weren't allowed to go up.  Long story.  Moral: Do NOT mess with a Mama Bear!

Moving on!

Today, I went to see Dr. Wayne, my surgical Oncologist, at Northwestern.  Our visit was quick but VERY  good!  I am still NED (No Evidence of Disease) and have just one more year of 6 month visits and then I'll only have to go once a year after that (for the rest of my life).  He also said that the gastric bypass surgery has aided in making my liver function improve greatly!  Bonus!

Time for some gratitude...
    Shelby Grace
    My amazingly wonderful friends!
    I'm officially down 60 pounds - WOO HOOOO!  Size 12 jeans are a little loose - pretty exciting! :)
    I ordered some clothes from Chadwicks last week.  I haven't been able to order from them in, well, at least 10 years!!
    Running into a fellow Liposarcoma survivor at Northwestern.  She is just 6 months out and is just overwhelmed with everything.  I hope I'll be able to help her see that these appointments will become more "routine" in another year or two and it will just be something she does.  I hope!
    My Small Group understanding my need to take a break and stay away for a while.
    Meeting new people
    Feeling great!!!!!
    Taking care of me
    Indoor plumbing (always)
    "champagne pills" for Wilbur - he gets so freaked over thunderstorms!

Love and blessings to you all!!!


  1. Yay for you!! I'm very happy to hear all your great news.

    The skydeck, however, looks scary as Hell! :)


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