Final Notice Prior to Disconnection...

I've had enough!

I got paid today, but the money is all gone. I had to pay the sitter yesterday ($120) and the mortgage and then gave $211.27 to ComEd to avoid disconnection on Monday.
Tomorrow we go to the dentist. Thank goodness I have a debit card for my flexible spending! The dentist is at least an hour away, so we have plans to go to Red Robin and meet Kim, Joe & Sean there. I have money to buy us lunch, but that's it! Then, there's the shoes I have to buy Shelby because she joined Cross Country & it starts on the 24th! My next paycheck is at the end of the month and by then the car payment will be a month behind as well!

I don't like saying this, but WHY ME??????? Why is it that the sperm donor can get away with living with his mother at 40, falling behind over $6,000 in support and still have money to freaking drink & smoke his life away? I'm tired of the bad stuff happening. I'm TIRED of people around me, who treat me and my child like shit, who seem to tiptoe through the freaking tulips!

I've been trying to hold on, just until school starts. I haven't paid any of my bills on time in probably 6 months and I just wanted to get to September and then I would not be paying for full time babysitter. That's a savings of a minimum of $400 a month that could go toward paying the "real" bills. The sperm donor is responsible for 1/2 of all medical and daycare costs. BUT, I have to pay them and wait for him to reimburse me. Does he? Um, no.

I'm not asking for a lot. But, I am still hoping that the sperm donor will pull his head out of his ass and SUPPORT HIS CHILD!!!! If he just did that, just for a little while...

Man am I tired of this!

Okay, I'm done for now. Time to fold the laundry and maybe catch some Zs before our busy day tomorrow.

I know I'll get through this. But, really, I'm requesting a break from this for a while. Just to catch my breath. Please?

:) xo mb


  1. ComEd sucks. Plain and simple. They had my mom on some "money saving plan" and she ended up with a $1000 balloon payment due at the end of the "money savings plan." Meh - big middle fingers to the bastards at ComEd.

  2. Thanks Megan!
    It wasn't ComEd's fault. The issue is the sperm donor who owes me THOUSANDS of dollars and the financial strain his lack of responsibility has taken on me. ComEd has been good to me. I agree, the budget stuff is a bad thing. But sometimes there are outside people who try to say they're the electric or gas company. It's kinda weird that way. You know, it's Chicago ;o)~
    The reason why I was almost disconnected is because I didn't have the money to pay the bill.
    I would like for the sperm donor to get sober and take responsibility for his child or skip town and never ever try to "participate" in her life again. I'd be fine with either.
    :) mb


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