To celebrate my 8 week post-surgiversary (yes, it is a word!)

I will be spending the morning in the hospital to have an EGD (do not ask me what that stands for either).  It's a scope.  They sedate me, they stick a camera down my throat and check things out.  This is because of the "frothing" (I call it puking/vomiting, but whatever) that I've been experiencing for a couple two three weeks now.  See?  I've lost track of how long it's been going on!  On Thursday, I couldn't keep tea down.  Yes, the decaf herbal tea that I am supposed to drink 30 minutes before a meal.  Uh huh!  I know!  So, that's how I will be "celebrating".  Hey, as long as Dr. H. figures out why and fixes it, I'm cool.  The theory is still that the connection between my pouch & small intestine has healed so well (always striving for perfection, that's me! lol) that it is too small for most food (chewed very well) to pass through.  I have spoken to several people who have had to have this "dilation" or "dilitation" (I've heard both terms) and they said afterward things went down much easier.  So I'm game!  I am so grateful that our neighbor Pat can drive me to the hospital and my beautiful friend Jessica will be meeting me there & taking me home.  I know she just wants to hear the silly things I say when I come out of the anesthesia.  I don't blame her.  Shelby still talks about the last EGD I had.  Something about the dog & the kitchen.  If Jessica has any funny MB stories to tell, I may share them in my next post.

Beside that.  Not much going on.  Went to church last night (normal Saturday affair).  Oooh - got my new mattress set yesterday.  So far so good!  We're supposed to get a snow storm tonight.  It started snowing a couple of hours ago.  Wilbur was pacing through the house most of the afternoon.  I was concerned.  Wondered if perhaps we were going to have thunder or another earthquake soon (yes, IL had an earthquake last week).  None of us knew there was an earthquake until it was on the news, but who knows.  The darned dog is "sensitive".  So sensitive, that I gave him one of his "champagne pills" that the vet prescribes.  I only have one left!  Must get to the vet to refill soon!  Wilbur has chilled since taking his cheese covered pill, so that's wonderful!  I'm kinda hoping for a snow day.  But, I have a feeling there will be school.  If the snow is as wet & heavy as they're predicing, I don't know if I'll be able to get out of the driveway if it isn't plowed in the morning.  I suppose I will just have to wait & see.  Darn.

Tomorrow night is small group and we're having a pot luck.  I have already made my yummy beans.  Of course, I will not be able to eat a thing there because of my puking/frothing/vomiting issues.  So, I'll suffer in silence... do you feel sorry for me yet?  Come on!!!!  Okay, one more surgery related comment.  I'm down to 174.8.  I am down 45 pounds!  wowie!!!!!!

Okay, now for something strange.  A guy I dated several years ago, Crystina affectionately called him "goat f*cker" because of the heartbreak he caused, asked me to be his friend on Facebook today.  He mentioned that he reads my blog, so I'm not going to say anything really mean.  But, I really don't understand how the men from my past, just pop back into my life and expect me to be "peachy keen" about it all.  Am I that big of a pushover?  Do I have STOOPID written on my forehead?  I just don't understand it.  Okay, maybe it's because, in the past, I have been a glutton for punishment.  Not anymore.  I chatted with him on Yahoo, but honestly, I don't know why he contacted me.  He's done this every 12-18 months since he moved to FL in 2004 and I wonder, is it just a boredom thing?  Is he just experiencing "down time" in his dating life, so let's contact Mary Beth?  I really just don't get it. 

Several wise people have told me numerous times, if a man cares about you, he will go to whatever length it takes to be with you. 

I'm waiting for that guy
Because that is what I deserve. 
Anything less is unacceptable.

Moving on.  I am looking forward to my nice nap-filled Tuesday.  Hopefully it will fix me right up.

I hope you all have a fantastic last week of February (can you believe it's almost March?)  Stay warm & dry!

Love and blessings to you all!!!



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