Time to refocus...

Wow, it's been weeks since my last post.  I know, you missed me right? ;o)~

Where to start....

How about I had my six month post-op checkup and was officially down 73 pounds and Dr. Heydari said if I stayed exactly where I'm at, my surgery is a success!  Yay!  Last time I weighed myself, I was down to 142 pounds!  Dr. H and I agree that going below 130, I'd probably look a little silly.  He said I shouldn't change a thing that I'm doing.  I've tried not to.

What else... hmmmmm, I have been dating someone.  We'll call him D.  We had originally met months ago on POF and then I met B and told him that I was going to focus on B, only for B to freak out and say I was too good (whatever!) So, then there were a few  men that I was chatting with, and D came back into the picture.  He was so sweet and I could imagine him adoring me!  After our first date, he said something like "if you're going to see other men, you're not going to see me." That can be taken as sweet (awwww, he wants commitment) or possessive (wtf, you've been on one date).  I decided to look at it in a positive way.  Sounds perfect, right?  Yeah, well, not so much.  He lives about 55 miles away so we don't see each other often.  When we do, it's usually during the week (no, have no idea why) and we're both worn out from work, so not much time to talk and get to know each other.  He had a little blow-up a few weeks ago and I tossed it up to him having a bad day.  Friday he had another blow up and was just ranting about things that never happened, or things he was making huge assumptions about.  This was all over the phone and was very frustrating for me, because he was bouncing from one thing to another not making any sense.  Of course, he would say "I'd love nothing more than to spend more time with you, but...." and "I love talking to you, but..." or "I love being with you, but..."  But what?  Dude, the "but" negates every single thing you say before it!  So yeah, that got me thinking.  And I haven't stopped thinking about it.  Last night after spending the day with Shelby & her friend Allie at the company picnic, I went outside and saw my neighbor.  I told her a little bit about the issues with D.  She said something that made everything click.  She said "In the beginning of a relationship, you should be having fun.  You've got a whole lifetime to be miserable."  Wow, she's right!  I'm waiting for him to call me so we can have a talk.  I'm pretty sure he knows it's coming, but I need to refocus my energy back on me.

With the "boyfriend" came eating more things like pretzels & snacks.  It's like I was comforting myself without even knowing it!  YUCK!  I haven't weighed myself, I'm a little scared.  I probably  haven't gained much, if any, but I know I'm not feeling as good as I was a month or two ago.  Okay, so I've taken a small step back. I can live with that.  At least it hasn't taken me over 12 years like it did before!

Oh!  We got a puppy!  Are you crazy, you ask?  YES I AM!  Her name is Coco (or Coconut because she is NUTS!) and she is a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Wilbur was pretty freaked for the first few days, but he's doing much better now.  He is tolerating her and her puppy behavior.  He hasn't even growled when she goes after his food.   That is showing a LOT of restraint.  I figure he'll let her have it soon enough.  Coco is six months old and does well in her crate, but potty training is a lot of work!  I haven't ever had a puppy in my adult life, so this has been a shock to me & Shelby!
Coco(nut) our new puppy! <3

Oh!  I reconnected with my step-sister Rachal.  She has lived a rough life and I hadn't seen her in 15 years when last Friday, Shelby, Nicki & I were having dinner at Olive Garden and Nicki said "do you know that lady???"  I looked up and there was a server staring at me.  It was Rachal!  Holy cow!  Since then, we watched the Wonder Lake 4th of July parade with Rachal & her 4-year-old son and Rachal has taken Shelby to the pool for the day just a few days ago.  I am very proud of Rachal coming out of the years long tailspin that she was in.  She's actually acing all of her nursing classes!  No joke, straight As!  Yay Rach!

Me & Rachal

Oh!  Yeah, I've said that a few too many times, huh????  Update on my mom.  She has had three neuro-psych testing sessions and we should get a diagnosis in the next month or so.  She seems to finally be at peace with the fact that something is definitely wrong with her.  She's got atrophy of her brain, which can be the result of her alcoholism, mental illness, medication or dementia/alzheimers.  I am actually just looking forward to finding out what is wrong with her so we can do what we need to do.  She turns 60 on the 14th and we have a few surprises for her. 
Shelby looking cute bossing Nana around on the roller coaster at the carnival

I can't believe summer is half way over already, can you?!  I was walking 4 days a week until it got way too hot to walk during the day at work.  I want to get a bicycle so Shelby & I can ride.  It's too hot to even take Wilbur for a walk.  It's just torture for him. I suppose I could get off my rear and go for a walk by myself... Hmmmm, amazing what happens when I start writing things down!

Me & Shelby at the company picnic
I think that's enough for now.  I'm sure I forgot a whole bunch o stuff, but will be blogging again soon.

I think I might do a vlog entry tonight as well.  But first, I must wash a sink full of dishes and prepare for Traci to bring over their puppy, Shadow.  We will be watching her for 10 days while Traci's family is in Orlando later this month.  Yep, more proof that I'm absolutely crazy! I think it'll be fun and might show Wilbur a thing or two about playing.  We'll find out soon enough!

Love & blessings!!!


  1. Wilbur is going to be thrilled when Shadow comes over to stay. That was obvious when he wanted to go inside as soon as she got there. :)


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