Is it really May 15th already?

It sure is AND I am officially the mother of a teenager now!  YIKES!!!!!

There is reall nothing to talk about... No really, not much.  So, I'll share some gratitude with you!

  • Shelby
  • Wilbur
  • Coco
  • My amazing friends (I love you SO very much!)
  • Sunshine (I miss you so!)
  • Generic Zyrtec!
  • My job (and fantastic boss who knows nothing about this blog)
  • Surviving over a month in the same house as a teenage girl
  • Being able to keep on going!
  • Speaking of going... I have dipped my toe back into the dating waters. No date(s) yet, but thinking about it.
Okay, there is one thing that I would LOVE to talk (brag) about, but I can't.  All I can say is that my kid is the AWESOMEST kid and friend ever!  I'm  hoping that I will be able to elaborate sometime in the future.  But, until then, I am so proud that my daughter is BRAVE and stood up for others who couldn't stand up for themselves.  My kid's got cajones!  woot woot! 

Oh, one more thing. After just one visit with sd &  his family, she asked my attorney to petition to have all visitation rights terminated.  I was shocked!  But, I suppose I shouldn't have been.  The last two years without him & his family bullying us has given us both time to become stronger and know what we want out of life.  Imagine that!  I am SO grateful that I have created a safe environment for my sweet girl (hormonal &  moody too) to express her needs and wants without fear of being judged!

I will leave you with a few recent pictures.

Our reflection in The Bean

My Teenager

Wilbur hates it when I take his picture!!

What you talkin 'bout Coco??

Yesterday (5/14/11)

Thanks for sticking by me & loving me my friends.  I don't know if I can ever express how each of you means to me!
Love & blessings my friends <3


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