All that glitters is not gold…

Wow, it’s been a long time!  So, let’s see, things were good, for a bit then a disappearing act, then good, then more silence, then good and planning to move in together, then I realized no matter how much I gave and gave, he was never going to give me what I deserved.  I packed up all of his and his daughter’s things that they left at our house into one bag and wrote a long letter saying goodbye to my Bill blanket.  I put the ball in his court, was very clear about my expectations. And, I haven’t heard from him since.  So, I’ve got that going for me. L

I know I did the right thing.  I have to take care of me & Shelby.  I want her to know that expecting respect, kindness, love, compassion is okay and actually a good thing!  Unfortunately, we both loved him & his family.  So, no matter how right my decision to let him go was.  We are sad.

I bet you think that our court saga would be over by now… WELL IT ISN’T!
Tomorrow at 1:30pm, a bench trial will begin, all regarding visitation that sd claims to want to have with Shelby.  Despite, years of not showing up, unreturned phone calls & texts, oh and that little threat to kill me and let her watch… Yep, so, two issues in front of a NEW judge tomorrow: #1 a contempt charge against me stating that I denied visitation about a year ago.  Apparently sd’s attorney wrote a letter last fall demanding visitation and sent it to my former (long story) attorney.  I never heard about or saw that letter until April of this year!  But, since I was found in contempt for refusing to let sd see Shelby for her 13th birthday (lie number 999) – which she actually spent a day with him & his mother… I honestly don’t fucking understand this shit! I’ll get back to that in a minute.  The 2nd item is the request to amend visitation from about 18 months ago.  Of course, Shelby’s desire to have visitation has decreased immensely.  Some reasons I can’t share at the moment. 

I’ve been told that I’m not receiving good representation (new attorney – again, long story).  I’ve been told that my attorney should be fighting fire with fire. I know it’s not happening, but the trial is TOMORROW!  So, I’m focusing on getting through that.

The only “witnesses” testifying are me, Shelby’s therapist and Shelby (request for in chambers interview was made eons ago!)  His witnesses are him, his gf (also an active alcoholic, most recently got a DUI ticket in the end of June), and his mom who has supported and enabled him for 44 years now!

Just last week, all of my bank accounts (including Shelby’s savings account) were frozen… FROZEN. By that d-bag’s snake of an attorney.  This is all about the false contempt charge.  All of the accounts have been cleaned out.

Mind you, sd owes roughly $13,000 in back child support and nearly $4,000 in medical expenses from the last four years. 

So, I need prayers.  Prayers for the judge to listen to all of us, most importantly Shelby, and then to make a fair and just decision for Shelby.  This is a new judge, so I hope, hope, hope that he takes a fresh look at everything and is able to see through the b.s.

I have several friends who will be present in the courtroom, so I can stare at them instead of the slimeball attorney while he grills me, which I know he will.  Because he plays dirty, lies, cheats, makes shit up, all to win. Doesn’t matter who gets hurt.

So, things have not been all rainbows & unicorns on the love or sd court front.  Please send good juju, love, peaceful & just thoughts our way!!

Now for good stuff!

·         Shelby is in high school & has gotten nothing below an A- (woot woot!)
·         Work is good
·         I’m asking for help and getting it when I need it
·         Shelby and I are even closer than ever
·         So very grateful for our wonderful support system
·         Preparing a plan B just in case. 
·         Coco is still a spaz and Wilbur now wakes me up daily at 4am (ok, that’s not good)
·         Beautiful sunrise every morning when I leave for work
·         Amazing sunsets on my way home from work

And now for some pictures!

Sisters and kooky Shelby!

Typical Shelby
First day of school - yes her hair is pink!

I love her so much!!!
Homecoming 2012

September Sunset

Words to describe her mom by Shelby: LOVE!

Thank you, my friends, for being there for me.  For never giving up and standing next to me and allowing me to grow in my own time!

Until next time…


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