Today was a long day, but I have so much to be grateful for!

  • Shelby (duh!)
  • My awesome job and wonderful boss & co-workers!
  • Wonderful friends!
  • Email
  • The beautiful colors of autumn
  • I made it to my first small group on Monday - woo hoooo!
  • Determination
  • Laughter
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Taking steps to a healther, happer MB (MB 2.0?)
  • Hearing that the bariatric center is submitting all my paperwork to the insurance company by tomorrow!  I was told to check back in with them on 10/30 if I haven't heard from them before then.
  • I was able to bite my tongue today (when I really wanted to let "them" have it!)

I could go on, but I'm trying to get to bed early enough so that I can take my sleep-aid so I can try to get more than 3 hours sleep tonight.

Love and blessings to you all!
Nighty night!


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