Gratitude - take two!

This afternoon I got a hysterical call from Shelby.  She was in my mom's car & they were in an accident!  Supermom MB kicked into gear and got there as fast as I could.  Everyone is fine, the car, not so much!

A friend on Facebook posted a "Glad List" on her page today.  It reminded me that I have so much to be grateful for, including:
  • Shelby Grace - I love her so much!
  • Shelby & my mom were uninjured
  • My most excellent friends (Traci is super-cool) ;o)
  • My awesome job
  • Kindness
  • I'm down 58.8 pounds (as of 10:44 tonight!)
  • Things really are looking up!
  • Taking a fun hike yesterday with Shelby & Wilbur
  • Trying new things
  • The swamp is coming to life - the frogs are singing their songs!
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Laughter
  • Smiles
I'm going to close with a few of the pictures I took on our hike yesterday.


Love and blessings to you all!!


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