What do you want, and a sprinkle of gratitude.

So, yeah, I've been single for a LONG time.  Not intentionally.  There were extenuating circumstances (I was scared of Shelby's father) that prevented me from even trying really. 

Things have changed.  No he hasn't changed.  I have. I am now ready to test the waters.  I know that I am worthy of being loved.  For some that's a "given", for me, eh not really.  Yeah, we all have issues/baggage.  Mine was pretty heavy for a long time.  Now that I've lost FIFTY POUNDS (woo hoo!) I'm starting to feel better about my appearance (I didn't say my issues were all gone - LOL).

I've been thinking about what kind of man I think I would like to spend time with.  Tell me if I'm expecting too much:

Believes in a higher power
FUNNY (I can't believe I forgot to include this originally!)
Taller than me (I'm 5'2")
Under 50, unless he's super hot, then maybe I could be convinced ;o)
Hard working
Great smile (missing teeth is a deal breaker)
A good friend
A man of his word
Non-smoker (or he's going to quit)
If he drinks, it's just once in a while

So that list isn't too bad is it?  I have an issue with age.  Anyone who knows me, knows exactly why.  As for the teeth - missing teeth is just yucky.  I'd never be able to look at the guy if he was missing teeth because I'd be staring at the gaping hole in his mouth!  I know I've missed a few things, but that give you an idea of what I think would work for me.  Not really ruling out any "type" either.  I think it's a pretty darned good list!

Okay, enough talk about boys...

Gratitude time!
   50 pounds gone foreva baby!!!
   I had chicken & a little rice today & it went down & stayed down!
   fuzzy socks
   sweatshirts (man I'm cold!)
   My amazingly wonderful friends!!!  I love them all so much!
   Car washes = no salt on the car!
   My furnace
   Walmart Vision Center (picked up Shelby's cool glasses today)
   My job
   Being alive
   Rocking baby Autumn at church last night.  Immediate peace!

That's all for tonight folks.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

Be well!

Love & blessings to you all!


  1. Agreed on the teeth thing.

    Another thing to avoid is someone with a high tattoo to tooth ratio. They are usually difficult to live with and they are very hard to kill (either self inflicted or otherwise.)

    Good luck with the man search.

  2. I think its great that you are setting standards in what you are looking for! Set them high! You deserve the best :)


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