Today, I am grateful for:
  • Shelby
  • My absolutely awesome friends!
  • Wilbur the Wonder Dog
  • Being able to stand up for myself and what I feel is right
  • Being able to walk away when I've had enough
  • The desire to surround myself with kind, loving, compassionate, positive people
  • I have lost 48 pounds (as of 10:30 tonight)!!!!!!
  • Having a conversation with the sperm donor without screaming or yelling.
  • Meeting with my new therapist tomorrow.
  • Waking up without a migraine!
  • Have I mentioned my fantabulous friends???? ;o)
  • Free will
  • Kind people
  • Our home
  • Filling up the (rodent proof) dog food container without spilling half the 40 pound bag of small bites dog food!
  • Being alive!
  • Today
  • Tomorrow

Love and blessings to you all!!!!


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