A Migraine, sick kid, messy house and preparing for stress...

I wonder how many parents are dealing with a sick kid, within a week of school starting. UGH!

I had a migraine Tuesday and stayed home, tried to work as much as possible (in between my hours in a quiet dark room). The school called 4-5 times about Shelby not feeling well. The school nurse & I decided to just send her home on the bus after school. This morning, her throat hurts. No fever, but she's making a good argument for staying home. I cave & let her stay home. As the day goes by, I think hmmmm, maybe she's not as sick as she acted earlier today... Then, she has this strange look on her face and says something about not being able to swallow. I get my handy dandy flashlight and take a look. Now, I couldn't tell you if glands are swollen, like some very talented moms, so I really have no idea what I'm looking at/for. Nothing really red, but one side is definitely swollen. Now, guess what time that was? Around 4:25, so I call the pediatrician's office right away (knowing I'm probably not going to reach anyone). Amazingly they are still open, for another 15 minutes! No way I can make it to Barrington from Wonder Lake in 15 minutes :( The nurse says strep and another viral throat thingy is going around and they definitely need to see Shelby. UGH! Okay, okay, I suppose I should bring her in. 9:15 Thursday morning we're going to the doctor. My kid is a goof. She could stub her toe and scream & cry for an hour. But her throat hurts and she just makes mention of it and then nothing. Last time this happened, she had strep - UGH UGH UGH! She's definitely her mother's child. Ahhhh, maybe this is the "payback" everyone speaks of. I was pretty "sickly" when I was younger. I attributed it to my parents taking me to quacks who only wanted to give me mega doses of vitamin C (no kidding, I had mono for something like 6 weeks because that's all the dr. gave me!) So, tomorrow either Shelby is going to school late, or I'm going to have to stay home again with her and then I have two dr. appointments on Friday that I must keep -UGH!

Maybe I should've titled this entry "UGH!"

While I was home with my migraine, I got a message from my father. He said he was going to be in town this weekend. What he meant was that he is coming into town to see my sister and her family and that he doesn't want to get in "trouble" for not telling me. Honestly, I have no desire to see him or his wife. Someday, I will detail the hell I went through with them. It forever changed my life. Shelby, however, wants to see them. I suppose I would be more interested in seeing them if my brothers were coming, but one is in college and the other too old to be bothered by us (that's my impression). I didn't call my dad back. But, then he called and left another message. He sounded perturbed. I had told Shelby that they were going to be in town and that it was her call whether she wanted to see them or not. She wanted to. I knew that I wasn't going to drive all the way to Chicago to be with people who completely stress me out by just thinking about them, but if they came out maybe we could have dinner or lunch with them. So, Shelby called him back. Thank goodness, they're coming on Friday and leaving on Sunday. They will be much too busy to spend any significant time with me & Shelby. There was no mention of us traveling to Chicago to see them or my sister & family. It's amazing, I haven't seen or heard from my sister since December when we visited after the birth of her 2nd child. I take that back, I got one email and 3-4 pictures in the last 10 months. I used to pine away for my sister to love me (I'm the oldest) and want to be a part of my life and me hers. But, I've let that dream go away. I love her very much. But it's like loving someone who can't love you back. How much pain do you have to feel before you realize it's just not worth it?!

So, we're having lunch or maybe early dinner with my dad & his wife on Sunday. I must prepare myself for it. I must put myself in a calm state between now and then. Time is on my side! I have 3+ days to find my peaceful place & protective shield! Shelby is always a good buffer. And besides, it's just lunch/dinner!

Writing it down makes it lose it's power. Ommmmmmmmm

Now I must try to get some rest and hope the doctor fixes Shelby up tomorrow!

Thanks for listening my friends!

:) xo mb


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