She did it!!!!!!!

Back in May when Shelby told me that she wanted to sign up for Cross Country, I had to ask her if she understood that she would be running long distances on rough terrain. "I'm fine with that" was her response (or something like that). Okayyyyyyy Shelb! So I paid the money I didn't have and remind her that she's making a commitment and can't quit just because she's tired or changes her mind. "I know Mommy." All right then!

Today was Shelby's first cross country meet (is that what they call it??) SHE DID IT! woooo hoooooooo! My honey bunny finished the race (and wasn't in last place)! I left work early. It took over 90 minutes to get there which really frustrated me, but I got there in time to park and walk forever to the finish line and take some pictures of her crossing the "finish line".

I am SO happy for her! I asked how she felt, and of course she asked (ordered) me to go get her cold water for her and then said that she didn't stop running even after she twisted her ankle! I'm so proud!

Shelby Grace "requesting" her cold water

I was never into athletics. My parents were too busy and never really supported any of the extra-curricular stuff I did (plays, music) nor did they push me into any type of physical activity. Really, they didn't even suggest it. Ahhh, oh well, can't go back. Shelby, on the other hand, is quite athletic. Okay, she's still my kid which means she's a klutz too! But she's an athletic klutz! ;o)~

Okay Mom, let's go home NOW! (isn't she so cute????)

Some of you know that Shelby studied karate/tae kwon do in the past. What some of you may not know is that she went from being a white belt to blue belt in just one year! Unfortunately, finances have been too tight for me to get her back into regular classes, but that is my goal for the new year (if not sooner). I want her to get back into 2x/week classes. Not only for the discipline and self-defense stuff, but because there are some really great people there. Good male role models. She is safe there. No one will mess with her there (read: sperm donor).
There are cross country meets every Monday & Wednesday for the next 3-4 weeks. I hope I can find a magic carpet that can carry me over the stinking construction and stinky drivers! Just through October. Then, I can get stuck in traffic. Hopefully not every day. But, I just want to be able to get to watch her and cheer her on!
I want to be her biggest, loudest, most annoying and
unforgettable cheerleader!
She'll appreciate it when she's older, right? ;o)
Love and blessings to you all!
:) xo mb


  1. Way to go! Good for her!! My son ran cross country too, and it really takes a commitment from BOTH of you. Just wait until she has a meet in the pouring rain. No, they don't cancel for that. In fact, the runners say they prefer running in the rain. Not so much fun for the parents standing around the sidelines, but an umbrella and a hot cup of coffee takes care of that.
    Watch that ankle!!


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