Trusting my gut...

This is going to be quick, but I thought I'd let it out.  I was right.  I should've trusted my gut from the beginning.  Never date someone who is in the process of a divorce.  Even if there has been a long separation. Until those papers are signed by a judge, it's not really over... and still not after that for a while. 

What a dumbass I am.  Okay, not really a big dumbass (a small dumbass? I do have a tiny tush).  I enjoyed the attention, but knew, in the back of my mind that it wasn't quite right.  He was getting attention he hadn't gotten in a long time.  And, I'm kinda cute.  And, I'm pretty darned nice too.  So, can I blame him? Nope.  Am I mad?  Nope.  Am I disappointed?  A little in myself. Because had I trusted my gut, I would never have gone out with him in the first place.  It was nice to reconnect with someone I knew (vaguely) from years ago.  It was nice to go out to dinner and text and all that.  I liked the attention too.

But, as I said in this post, I want the good stuff!  I've been through enough heartache and plain old crap that I think I've paid my dues.  And the man who gives me the good stuff (okay, that sounds a little naughty) will get all of that and more in return!!!  ;o)~

In closing... man that sounds way too formal!

Here is a blog posting from Single Dad Laughing (What not to say to a single person) - I love this post!  No really, my un-single friends and un-single people in general - take a look.  Read, meditate, let it ruminate...

Love & blessings to each and every one of you!!!!! xo


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