Drama, Ducks and Daring Daughters!

Hi Everyone! The last week has been very “eventful”!

Last Thursday, we finally went for haircuts (about 6 weeks late!) As Shelby says, I switched to summer colors (blonde highlights) and had a few inches taken off the length. Now Shelby, my daring daughter, got a LOT of hair cut off! Of course, she'd look gorgeous bald! Take a look!

Some of you are already aware of the "lake" in my front yard.

It's not supposed to be there. I am having a major drainage issue and no one seems to care or want to help me (Village of Wonder Lake or McHenry County Environmental Health Dept.) The only "cool" thing about our lake is that we have Mallard Ducks who come to "fish" in our yard. Well, they had babies. There are only three (my guess is that the neighborhood kids were messing around with the nest - because they do stuff like that - brats!) Shelby sees them and yells "MOM, THE BABY DUCKS ARE HERE!!!!!” Of course, the mother immediately gathers her babies up and waddles across the street to the pond! I'm telling you, my kid needs a lesson in QUIET! Know anyone who can give her a lesson? Obviously that wouldn't be me. I did get some pictures of the mama and baby ducks, just not close-up. Maybe this weekend I'll get lucky!

This week was the first full week Shelby was out of school. She is going to spend four days a week with one of her classmates whose mom I met a couple of summers ago when Shelby played soccer. Vicki is a very sweet girl. When we first met, I remember talking about people "our age.” Then I found out she was only 30! UGH! Now she's a mature 32 years old (tee hee). Solo, Monday I walked Shelby up the steps and opened the front door and Vicki peeks over the banister and says "I have the stomach flu" - UGH! I had to go to work, so I left Shelby with instructions to stay out of her way and play with the boys (Vicki's boys). I texted Vicki later and realized she wasn't getting better. Then, she sends a text saying she needs to go to the hospital. Now, I work at least an hour away, so I'm starting to freak out. I pack up all my stuff, send a quick email, and start driving. Then I get a text "where are you?” Uh oh, what's wrong now? I call; she says she needs to call an ambulance, how long until I get there. Luckily I was about 15 minutes away. So I told her I'd call when I got really close, so her son could call 911. I called, he called 911, I got there and made sure the kids (3 boys & Shelby) stayed out of the street and we waited for the ambulance. Funny, there is a fire station a block from their house, but I believe that firehouse is a volunteer only location, so they get called and rush to the station & then go on the call. The firehouse on the other side of the lake sent an engine & an ambulance. Now Vicki's house is nice. They rent and their rent is less than my mortgage - DAMMIT! But their driveway is a bitch! I have to put my emergency brake on because it's so steep! I never use my emergency brake! They get Vicki in the ambulance but say they really don't want kids in there. Her 13 year old (or maybe he's 14!) already rode his bike to his friends house by the time the cavalry arrived. So, I had Shelby (11), and two boys (8 & 11). None of them had eaten lunch! So, away we go to McDonalds while Vicki is going to the hospital. Then the hospital; fun stuff! The security guards were very nice and watched the kids while I went and checked on Vicki. The whole time I was trying to reach Mike (her significant other) with no luck. Then Vicki gave me her phone and told me to call her mom. I got her mom and her mom said she'd get to the ER as soon as possible, but where is Mike? I tell her I can't reach him. About 1/2 hour later, Vicki's sister-in-law calls me and says try Casey, Mike's son. I did and FINALLY got to him. While I had been waiting, they had decided that they were going to admit Vicki. Her platelets and white blood cell count were very low. Now what do I do? Tuesday, I stayed home with Shelby. Today, Shelby went to Vicki's (she got home Tuesday night) and everyone had a good time. They still don't know why she was so ill. She's got to do some follow up and more blood work, but it doesn't sound like the hospital doctors were too worried. I'm telling you, I am thankful that I do not get stomach bugs often! I am lucky!
Let's see, final drama for the week (so far). Tomorrow, I have to send a long fax to the state about child support. They had been garnishing Dana's unemployment, but it's been very erratic and it still goes up every month. He's currently $4600 behind in support alone. My fax will be for the childcare and medical expenses that he is responsible for. That will put him well over $5000, which will get him a spot on the "deadbeat parent" webpage. It's got a more PC name, but you get the idea. Then, his picture will be posted along with the amount he owes, etc. Shelby says he & his gilfriend/fiance are getting an apartment (they are currently bouncing between Dana's mom's house and one of her friend's houses). I really don't know how they're going to do that. I don't believe she even has a license (DUI in 2007) and he got one last month, so his court date will be soon and it's an automatic license suspension. I am not sure if he's only had one other DUI or if there were more. But in 2009 the DUI laws in Illinois changed drastically. He'll have to have one hell of a good lawyer (paid by mom of course) and he'll have to get one of those in-car breathalyzer contraptions. Dumbass! I have been waiting for this day to come for 12 years. I honestly thought it may never come. I know he has a 'good heart', but that doesn't mean shit when for the last 25 years or so he's spent 99% of his time doing bad things and hurting people. I really don't know if he'll ever be able to sober up. If he did, he'd have to look at himself and acknowledge all the horrible things he's done. DUMBASS!

All right, it's late. I've rambled long enough.

Oh wait! I have an EGD (upper GI) on Friday morning. I am looking forward to it. Why? Because I will be sedated! Woo hooo! Shelby will have to take care of Mommy and let her rest the entire day! I LOVE IT! Yeah, I know, it's sad.... Oh well! I'll get a nice nap! :)

Good night my friends!

:) xo mb


  1. You throw up a picture of the cutest kid on the web (except for mine) and neglect to put one up of yourself?


  2. Look up and to the right, there's a picture of me! It was taken in December and not much has changed. Maybe I will post a picture... when there's one that I like ;o)~


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