My Fantastic Friends!

Throughout my 40 years (almost 41), I have had many friends. Some fair weathered; they came and went. Some I believe were put in my life for a reason, and then they were gone when their “job” was done. Others, they have touched my life in a way that I will never be able to forget them or the impact they’ve had on my heart.

I’m going to go in alphabetic order, just because it’s easier!

Crystina is a wonderful friend. I was her replacement at Siemens almost 8 years ago. She uses the English language in a way that I have never heard before. My favorite is “he is a goat fucker!” She was talking about someone I had dated, of course. At first glance, she’s this cute, olive skinned, bubbly Peruvian lovely. But, when you get to know her, damn, she’s smart too! She has gone to Chicago with me for my checkups. She has put up with me when I am in “rare” form and pretty intolerable. She has included me in her life, as if I were family. She has, on occasion, threatened to steal my child. Thankfully, she and her husband Eric welcomed little Leilani in October! Whew! Crystina
is still trying to teach me to “believe and it will happen”. Maybe someday she’ll get through my thick skull. I truly feel loved and accepted by Crystina.

I have known Emanuel for about 2 ½ years (I think). Like many of my friends, we work for the same company. She is a gorgeous black woman who you do NOT want to mess with. Thankfully, somehow I have been blessed with her unconditional friendship. I love that she prays before every meal. It doesn’t matter where we are. She has listened to me, supported me and put me in my place over the last few years. Emanuel calls me “Lucy” (from Peanuts, “the doctor is in”), which just amazes me! She values my opinion, which shocks me sometimes. She is an amazing woman, and I admire her strength and tenacity!

Fred – yes, a man! I’ll try to make this short. I knew Fred when I was in high school in MN. Things were bad at home. Really bad. But, when Fred was around, I felt safe. He was like this big teddy bear! I think my psyche has tucked things away to protect me, so I don’t remember a lot from all those years ago. But, I never forgot Fred. I had not seen him since 1985 and found him on Facebook late last year (I think it was late last year). I saw his eyes and almost screamedFRED!!!!!!” We’ve been able to reconnect and he has told me stories that I don’t remember (but I know he’s telling the truth). Fred has validated me. How? Well, lots of really horrible stuff happened in MN. I doubted myself. Second guessed myself. When we talked, he confirmed things that I thought had happened, but were foggy. It has been wonderful finding out that this Mary Beth is the same Mary Beth as 24 years ago. Okay, maybe a little more refined. I have been true to myself! I haven’t turned into someone different! I’ve just gotten better… Right, Fred? ;o)

Kim is this quiet, pretty, blonde chick in marketing. Okay, that’s face value. Then I started talking to her and found out how freaking COOL she is! She’s tough. She’s not a priss. She’s smart. And she’ll tell you if she thinks you’re full of shit! Kim has a fantastic relationship with her husband and son. She is a wonderful child to her parents and is extremely ballsy! I love talking to her! We are on the same wavelength (I think!) She listens and isn’t judgemental. She also comes to me when she needs to bounce things off of someone. She makes me feel like I am a good friend. Kim is a wonderful friend to me!

Rrrrrrrosa! This is how special she is: Shelby calls her abuela! She is like a surrogate mother to me (of course, she is not old enough to be my mother), but she loves me as if I were her own. She is SASSY as can be, but I don't think my life would be complete without her! I love Rosa so very much!

I must watch what I say about Traci because she might accuse me of being mushy. If I could, I would hug Traci every time I see her – but she has this “no touching” rule that has been enforced for seven years now! Traci is the calm I need when I’m about to lose it (or have already lost it). She is one of the kindest people I know (and she doesn’t even hug me!) She has gone to Chicago to my doctor appointments several times. She even let me touch her pregnant tummy once (with her 3 year old, so it’s been a while)! She’s not an overly mushy, huggy, touchy feely kind of friend, but I still feel unconditional love and acceptance by Traci. She has no idea how much her presence in my life has meant to me (because I can’t hug her dammit!) But maybe, someday, I’ll find the right way to show her (without hugging) tee hee!

These six people have made an amazing impact on my life. five of them in just the last seven years! You are like family to me. I couldn’t have picked better friends, ever! My biological family has done less for my mental health that the six of you. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. I have told my sweet Shelby on several occasions that sometimes your friends are better family than your biological family and you prove that!

You lift me up & I am so grateful for your friendship!

Mary Beth
p.s. yes that’s to you too Traci ;o)


  1. Should I be honored or worried that I am the token male on your list?

    Refined? Perhaps but you still call "bullshit" when you see bullshit...

    I am pretty sure that you don't actually say "bullshit" though.

  2. Oh yeah, my friend Lara calls me "FreddyBear."


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