Is there a cure for the blahs????

I am still in a funk and I don't like it one bit. But, have I done anything to change it? Noooooooooooooooo... I'm tired. Worn out. Wishing for some good stuff to come along.

It's like I'm two different people. At work, I'm silly and loud and funny. At home, I'm just a pile of flesh. I don't have any money to go out or take Shelby anywhere. I have no desire to seek out "fun". We did get pizza from Dusty's today. It was so yummy. So yummy, in fact, that we both ate way too much and now our tummies hurt :(

Is there a cure for the blahs? I'm so tired. Can someone come & fix this for me please? It's as though my energy stores have finally gone dry. ugh.

Tomorrow, if the sun is out, I'm going to mow the grass. Maybe I'll feel a little better after that. I want to smile. I want to laugh.

The one thing I can't stop doing is worrying. I'm a worrier. I worry about regular mundane things like bills and the bill collectors who call every single day. I worry about my sweet Shelby, because I'm her mommy and that's my job. I worry about my friends and hope for good things to come their way. I worry about how much longer I'm going to feel like this. Sad, lonely, yucky, blah...

Good thing I see my therapist on Tuesday...

xo mb


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