2 days into the liquid diet, only 8 more to go!

Hi Everyone!

Are you all ready for Christmas?  I've got the gifts, just need to wrap them and just might get that done by tomorrow - yay!

Let's see... Since my last post, I've gone to my pre-surgical appointment with Dr. Heydari.  He has a meeting with every person who is scheduled for a specific day at the same time.  He said normally the room is full, but he only has three surgeries scheduled for December 29th.  I'm the only gastric bypass patient.  The other two are getting the lap band.  Let me tell you, the other two ladies there were whiners!  One actually bitched and moaned about the support group meetings.  Apparently she doesn't like when people support each other and share ideas, etc. hmmmmm... that's what support group is lady!  Then, she complained about the tickets that are handed out at the beginning of each meeting.  Each person gets a ticket and then at the end of the meeting, if their number is called, they win something!  I think it's super cool!  I won a bird feeder once!  So yeah, the meeting with the doctor was just lovely.  Okay, it would've been if the other whiners hadn't been there.  I am going to go out on a limb and say they won't be very successful at their weight losses if they keep up the negative stuff!  So there!

I also saw my primary care doctor.  My blood pressure was 107/84 (I can't remember the exact bottom number but I remember the 107 clearly).  YAY!  I think I'm starting to get very zen about the surgery.  Okay, I've been ready for it for quite a while now.  She cleared me for surgery!  Tuesday Shelby & I both see the asthma doctor.  Just a regular checkup (and he asked me to come in prior to my surgery).

Now for the fun part.  I started my liquid diet yesterday.  I have to admit, it stinks.  No, it sucks!  HOWEVER, it's what I need to do.  The purpose of the 10 day liquid diet is to shrink the liver so it is easier for the surgeons to work around.  I'm hungry :(  The protein drinks are grainy & not that tastey.  I know this is just the 2nd day, so I'm sure I'll get used to it.  The doctor did say I can have fruit and if I really need to eat something, very lean turkey.  I'm gonna stop at the store and pick up some turkey tomorrow!  I had a few slices (very thin) from Shelby's lunch meat, and then I had some cantelope & watermelon and I do feel better.  Guess what?  I've already dropped 3.8 pounds!  Holy cow!  There is no way I'd be able to live on liquids only, blech!  But I just have to keep my eye on the prize!  I talked to Vivian today and she said that trick to the protein drinks is adding ice & blending it all in the blender.  I'm going to try that next time!!

Speaking of prizes...  I have such wonderful people helping me out and supporting me.  There are my friends who are cheering me on through FB and emails.  I've also got Jessica bringing me to the hospital on surgery day (and taking Shelby home with her).  Then there's Nicki who is going to spend the night at our house while I'm in the hospital.  And, I can't forget Vivian, who will be sitting with my mom and making sure everything goes well, etc.  I'm glad I asked Vivian to come because yesterday my mom argued with me when I reminded her that I'm having gastric bypass.  Apparently all my conversations with her about that were forgotten.  She's been telling everyone that I'm having lapband surgery.  For over nine months, I've known I am not a candidate for lapband surgery.  Like I said, thank goodness for Vivian!  Then, the plan is Crystina is going to drive me home from the hospital.  Traci offered to come over on the 1st, but I think by then I'm going to be in pretty good shape, but I've got her on speed dial (so don't think I won't call you Traci!)  Oh and Tracy T. gave me a bag of easy to microwave food for Shelby to eat while I'm recuperating.  What a team I've got huh?

So, last night, Shelby's dad called and said that his grandmother had passed away.  Shelby doesn't remember her at all, so it really wasn't an issue for her.  I did tell her that she should make sure she tells her Grandma that she is sorry her mom passed away.  Today, she called her Grandma and hung out at her house all day.  I think she spent most of her time iceskating with the neighborhood kids, but I think just having Shelby there was a boost to her spirits.  They (Grandma & Great-Grandma) weren't on good terms and haven't been for a long time, so I think the loss hit her harder than she thought.  Shelby is spending the night over there and coming home tomorrow night.  That gives me time to do important stuff...

WRAPPING PRESENTS!!!!  I'm one of those weird moms who must wash clothes before my kid wears them.  Shelby is one of those kids who wants to wear every single piece of new clothing immediately - so today I took my time to wash all the clothes I bought Shelby for Christmas.  Now, I have to wrap them.  I'm not a good wrapper.  I'm glad I don't lose mom-points for my wrapping!

I will probably post one more time before my surgery.  Hopefully with some good pictures of the post present opening frenzy!  I wonder how long it'll take this year.  My guess is 23.5 minutes!

I hope you all have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

Love and blessings to you all!!!!!


  1. I'm excited for you, and I can hear it in your "voice" that you are too. Like you said, keep your eyes on the prize and just deal with the liquid part. Eww, it must suck, but you can do it!


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