One step closer! It's really happening!!!!

Hi Everyone!

How are you?  I hope everyone is doing well!

I woke up today with a migraine.  I think it was a combination of stress, stress, and stress!  I have had SO much on my mind lately oh and I've been dealing with some childish stuff at work.  No, I'm not being childish (I've matured people!) but there are others who do not care for me, and really have no desire to work with me.  But, my position is requiring them to listen.  I told you it was childish.  Just trying to do my job, man!

So, I decided to stay home and try to rid my head of the migraine and also try to get some work done.  I actually did get quite a bit of work done, but later in the day. Yay!

But, the best thing is...

My health insurance has provided verbal approval for my laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery!  I have spent about 9 months jumping through hoops, and I was getting pretty darned frustrated that the insurance was taking so long.  I couldn't get excited.  I just felt frustrated and ready for the next step.  I was STUCK!  I am no longer stuck.  I'm actually starting to feel excited about the transformation I am about to go through!  I don't have a surgery date yet.  Rose from the surgery center is waiting for the official approval letter.  I'm going to call tomorrow and see if we can get a date scheduled. 

Exciting, huh?  Like, I'm going to fit into "normal" sized clothes in 2010!  O M G!!!!!  I might even sleep at night, without any apnea episodes.  The asthma and horrible reflux could go away!  This is SO cool!  Thanks to everyone who has prayed for me!!!!

So, while i was sitting at my computer earlier today, Karen looked out my front window and said there is someone  taking pictures of your house!  So, big bad MB gets up and opens the front door to see what's going on.  The guys in the car saw me & took off.  I'm quite sure that they were taking pictures of my lovely dirt and stone on my yard.  I emailed my wonderful neighbor who provided the dirt & stone and asked if something could be wrong.  He said that finally someone is probably paying attention to the issue with my yard.  Now, why couldn't they pay attention when I had standing water in my front yard for 9+ months?  There was a village meeting today.  My neighbor was going and said he'd let me know if anyone said anything about my yard.  Thankfully they didn't!  He did say that I should move the paving bricks that had been put in the culvert by someone "doing me a favor".  I had actually asked that person to move the pavers out of the yard a month or two ago.  He hasn't.  I'm going to have to move them.  I appreciate the kindness of others, but perhaps listening to what is needed would be helpful as well.  Ugh!  Oh well, can't do anything about it now!

Okay folks, I need to go to bed, but I wanted to share my good news with you!

Gratitude for today:
  • Shelby Grace
  • Karen
  • My kind and generous neighbor (who shall remain nameless and therefore blameless)
  • The wonderful news of the verbal approval from the insurance company!
  • My job
  • The wonderful people from The Chapel and my small group
  • Being alive
  • Laughter
  • Hugs
  • Wilbur (aka Willy the Wonder Dog)
Good night all!

Love and blessings to you all!!!!


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