Still Waiting and Prayer Request

Is it Friday yet?!?!?!

I have a special request for all of you.  There is a little girl, named Desire who is in the PICU right now after a dresser and TV fell onto her and caused head injuries.  The accident happened on Monday afternoon.  She is just three years old.  Please pray for Desire and all the people who love her.  Pray for her recovery as well as peace for her mom, twin sister and extended family.  It is hard for me to even think of this as it breaks my heart!  I'm asking you, my prayer warriors, to wrap your arms around Desire and her family!

On a "lighter" note.  Get it?  Lighter?  Bariatric surgery.  Weight loss... Yeah, I know - I'm a dork!  So, anyway...  I spoke with the coordinator at the bariatric center and apparently my insurance company has dropped the ball.  I don't really understand exactly what happened but she mentioned something about the insurance company contacting a Jennifer requesting my information.  Unfortunately, there isn't a Jennifer at the center, Rose is the person there.  So, my request was denied because they didn't get the information they requested FROM THE WRONG PERSON!  Ugh!  They told Rose that some type of peer review process had to be followed because the request was denied.  Rose said that she is waiting for a supervisor from the insurance company to get back to her so she can explain that the insurance company made the mistake and dropped the ball, and that I shouldn't be penalized for their screw up.  My heart sank a little.  Then, calmly (I shocked myself!) I asked Rose if she thought this would be resolved fairly quickly.  Thankfully, Rose said that she was confident that things would get resolved within a couple of days.  She asked me to call her back on Friday.  She said she would get Dr. Heydari involved if necessary.  Apparently he is very good at putting people in their place.  Hey, as long as they're helping me out - I'm good with it! :) 

I really hope we get this figured out by Friday.  Because Karen is arriving next Monday and the hope is that she will be hanging out with me while I recover, at least early on.   I've worked so hard, jumped through all the hoops the insurance required, I am READY to move on to the next step!  Plus, I'm looking forward to some down time.  Kinda sad that I am looking forward to surgery so that I can rest!  Oh well!  Rest is rest, right?

This weekend we are planning on a cleaning frenzy to prepare for Karen's arrival on Monday.  Shelby has agreed to wash the dog (using dog shampoo this time) AND cleaning the bathroom for $10.  Woo hooo!  Hey, whatever it takes.  After washing a black dog in an all white bathroom, it's gonna need a lot of cleaning!  I'm also going to rent a carpet cleaner. That should take maybe an hour, since only the living room & hallway are carpeted.   Then, we have baskets of clothes to donate to Sparrow's Nest.  I just pile 'em up... Until we have a guest coming and need to fit Shelby's trundle in my room for three weeks.  Maybe Karen should come visit more often... Hmmmmmmmm... I'm going to have to think about that.  Except, I'm not sure if she can fork out the money it costs for flights from Switzerland to the US just so I can get my house clean.  Or can she? KIDDING!!

Okay, it is 11pm and I have been extra tired this week.  I need to get some rest!  I'm telling you, surgery is going to be good for me in so many ways!

Thank you, my friends, for praying for Desire and her family.  YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

Love and blessings to you all!


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